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Looking for granite countertops in Albany?

Distinctive Surfaces is a top-quality granite countertop fabricator and installer in Albany. We offer factory-direct prices for all quality marble, granite, and quartz countertops in the Capital District. 

We put ourselves in your shoes and provide our service like we would expect when we hire a contractor. We pride ourselves with attention to detail and working with our customers to make sure that your experience from getting a free estimate to the finished product is very enjoyable. 

What are Granite Countertops in Albany?

A custom stone piece made of your favorite material is waiting to grace your home! Granite is an extremely popular choice for countertops because the material withstands a lot of wear and tear. 

At Distinctive Surfaces, we have a huge variety of granite colors and grain patterns that are completely unique, making each one of them a great choice for a sophisticated look in your home that no one else has. 

There is something extraordinary about selecting an exclusive piece of stone that will be a central focus in your home. Whether you’re envisioning an understated complement to your kitchen or a bold cut showcasing rare mineral inclusions, granite offers a vast range from which to choose. 

Mined from quarries all around the world, granite is a 100% natural, tough stone with abundant advantages as a countertop material.

Granite Countertop by Distinctive Surfaces

There are a lot of benefits associated with granite countertops. Some of them are:

Repairable – Although granite can be brittle and occasionally suffer chips, cracks, or scratches, these incidents can be restored onsite by a professional.

Low-Maintenance – Upkeep for granite countertops is simple; a daily wipe down with soap and water and a yearly resealing, as well as attention to spills as they occur is all that is needed to preserve this resilient stone.

Long Lasting – Your granite countertops will last at least as long as your home and is impervious to water and heat. There is no denying this is a massive bonus for any household!

Distinctive – No two granite countertops are the same. There is an almost infinite selection of stone slabs; whatever the preferences of the buyer, there will inevitably be the perfect piece of granite to be found. 

Custom fabrication of Albany granite countertop 

At Distinctive Surfaces, we work in the natural stone industry providing services to both residential and commercial clients. From start to finish, our custom granite countertop Fabricator will walk with you through the fabrication and installation of granite slabs. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, we do all templating, material cutting, edge profile fabrication, cut-outs (sinks) fabrication, faucet holes, accessory holes, countertop demo’s, backsplash demo’s, installations, and sink mounting in house.

Fast Granite Countertop Installation in Albany 

Distinctive Surfaces is the only company you can count on for Albany Granite Countertops installations. 

We guarantee top-of-the-line services and products that don’t break the bank. Our shop has the finest stone products to make your kitchen and bathroom counters more appealing. 

For installation, we will ask that everything is cleared off the existing countertops or demoed according to your job details. We will also request for the work area to be accessible for our granite countertop Installer to work and carry all pieces in safely, for the fastest turnaround time.

Why are we the best in New York? 

Our Albany showroom features a large selection of the industry’s most popular and cutting edge designs. 

Therefore, if there is something specific you are looking for, please let us know today. We promise to deliver the best of granite countertops in Albany.

Albany granite Countertops

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