Debunking Common Myths About Custom Granite Kitchen Countertops in Albany

Are you considering installing new kitchen countertops? Granite countertops are an incredible choice. That is because they are very solid, alluring, useful and versatile.

However, there are a few misguided judgments that New York homeowners have about them, particularly custom granite kitchen countertops.

Therefore, before these myths convince you not to install these top of the line countertops, how about we check reality out. We are one of Albany’s best granite and marble countertop fabricators. We have an immense stock and a profoundly talented group that offers remarkable client support.

custom granite kitchen countertops
custom granite kitchen countertops

Here, we debunk these myths and share the truth.           

Myths About Custom Granite Kitchen Countertops in Albany

Numerous homeowners erroneously believe that granite countertops need a lot of upkeep or that they are prone to breaking. Here we debunk a few myths about custom granite countertops so you can go with an informed buying choice.

They Are Damaged By High Heat

It is vital to note that the melting degree of this strong stone is more than 1000⁰C. Subsequently, it is impossible that spilled hot water or an extremely hot pot or dish will damage it.

This misguided judgment might have emerged due to the sealants used on granite. A few sealants might liquefy after being exposed to warmth for a while. In a couple of cases, this may also cause obscuring or other discolorations. That is the reason we suggest that you use a high quality sealant.

They Scratch Easily

As indicated by the Mohs measure of mineral hardness, granite is evaluated 6 to 8, while diamond is at 10. This hardness measure justifies why granite is one of the most incredible choices for kitchen countertops.

They Lose Their Shine After A While

This can be valid for milder countertop materials like marble but not granite. To be sure, granite can oppose even microscopic scratches so won’t become dull throughout the long term.

However, it is important to take care of your custom granite kitchen countertops according to the installer’s directions.

custom granite kitchen countertops
custom granite kitchen countertops

They Are Expensive

Albany Granite countertops are available at a comparative price range as other luxurious countertop materials. For instance, the typical cost of a marble countertop is $70 to $250 per square foot, including installation. By correlation, granite costs $50 to $200.

They Require Regular Maintenance

This is perhaps the most widely spread misinterpretation. Despite the fact that custom granite kitchen countertops truly do need to be cleaned well after use, there’s nothing else you can do to hold their excellence and usefulness. If you keep up with them appropriately, they also don’t need standard grouting. (Grouting is a combination of sand and concrete used for polishing surfaces.)

To keep granite countertops in the best condition, we propose the following tips:

          Never use dye or any other brutal synthetic compounds for cleaning.

          Try not to use grating cushions to clean them as these can damage the stone.

          Use quality sealants that are dampness safe.

All Granite Countertop Suppliers in Albany Are the Same

Granite countertop suppliers differ in more ways than one. For instance, Distinctive Surfaces guarantees that their finished products are of high uncompromised quality. In other cases, some companies may sell products en masse and not pay a lot of regard to quality.

Another important consideration to factor in when buying custom countertops is place of origin. How effectively the granite block is mined makes a huge difference to your end result.

While numerous suppliers use the best strategies to remove slabs, others find alternate ways to save money on costs. At Distinctive Surfaces, we only invest in very good quality products and give extraordinary consideration to mining, fabrication, and installation.

Are there confusions about custom granite kitchen countertops in Albany holding you back from making this buy? This countertop will keep your kitchen both useful and beautiful. If you are looking for help choosing a granite countertop, get in touch with us today. We will be eager to assist you.