Albany Bathroom Countertops: Most Popular Natural Stone Choices

Are you planning to rebuild your bathroom, you need to find a countertop material that can stand the day to day mileage. A few conventional materials, such as laminate and fired tile, can be damaged easily in the bathroom, costing you more money in the end.

However, there is another, prevalent choice: natural stone countertops.

There are numerous natural stone types that can be used in your bathroom countertops, which is the reason why picking one that is both practical and alluring is difficult.

Read on to study these types of natural stone for bathroom countertops to help you decide which will work best in your bathroom’s structure and capability.

Albany bathroom countertops
Albany bathroom countertops

Natural Stones for Bathroom Countertops

While looking for a stainless steel or wooden bathroom countertop in Albany, why not consider one of these distinct natural stone materials too.


One of the best immortal and rich countertop types is marble. While resistant to heat, this permeable natural stone is powerless to stains, water spots, and acidic spills, and is high upkeep. Whenever sealed appropriately, however, there is no reason why you can’t have a marble countertop in your bathroom. For everyday cleaning, gentle dish soap and water with a delicate wipe will do just fine.

To keep it looking new, you’ll need to reseal it twice every year, or use a splash sealant every month for protection.

Normally used for white custom countertops in Albany, marble is available in more colors with superb dark or gold veining. While warm or cool white foundations are the most common, you may also find marble in hotter tints of pale and rosy pinks to cooler tones of blues and greens to hazier shades of blacks.

Although this top notch material comes at a higher cost, it is a worthwhile investment that will expand your property’s value.

Albany bathroom countertops
Albany bathroom countertops


Another famous material for Albany bathroom countertops is quartzite. This natural stone looks like marble but is easier to care for. Quartzite countertops can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap, but you’ll need to reseal them yearly.

Pretty much as intense as granite, this hard surface is impervious to hear, stains, scratches, and carving. It’s likewise impervious to UV beams, so it is an ideal countertop material for bathrooms that are overwhelmed with natural light, since its natural shade won’t blur.

Ideal for lovers of unbiased tones, these slabs come in lovely natural colors, including whites, beiges, tans, and blacks. Every slab is unique and will blend in with any style. Lighter quartzite colors are identical to marble, while some imitate an iridescent or smoky appearance. This sturdy and tough premium surface comes at a higher price tag too, but is worth every cent.


You might remember seeing a soapstone top on your high school lab table, but today, this natural stone is a comfortable choice for the bathroom, as well.

Commonly dark in color, it’s profoundly impervious to heat but milder than marble and quartzite. It’s an extremely thick (non-permeable) material, significantly more than marble or granite. That is good news, particularly for bathroom applications, since it implies that the surface won’t stain; fluids can’t infiltrate it.

Very little support is required, as well. All that is required is an intermittent layer of mineral oil. When applied, the stone will obscure to a charcoal dark or even black.

With regards to installing natural stone in your bathroom, you have numerous choices. Use this manual for guidance when picking the best natural stone for bathroom countertops. However, feel free to contact Distinctive Surfaces if you have questions.