Refine Your Kitchen with Soapstone Countertops in New York


I. Natural Beauty and Durability of Soapstone Countertops
II. Pros and Cons of Soapstone Countertops
III. Install and Maintain Soapstone Countertops in New York
IV. Distinctive Surfaces – The Best Solution for Your Kitchen 

Do you want to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen with soapstone countertops? Investing in quality countertops can add a touch of sophistication and improve the overall aesthetics of your home. They have become one of the most popular choices among homeowners in New York. Whether you live in the heart of Manhattan or its suburbs, Soapstone brings a classic yet unique look that will add beauty to the room. 

soapstone countertops
soapstone countertops

Natural Beauty and Durability of Soapstone Countertops: 

Soapstone has been used for centuries in the crafting of countertops, tables, and other custom furniture. This stone has been praised by many for its unique grayish-green or blue-black coloration. It is often remarked that the color of Soapstone ages beautifully, adding to its charm. In fact, its appearance often has been compared to other minerals because of its unique, mottled pattern.

One of the best features that come with a Soapstone kitchen countertop is its incredible durability. For most of its history, this material has been employed as a building material due to its strength. Unlike granite, marble, and other stone countertops, Soapstone is incredibly scratch and stain-resistant. Despite its softness to the touch, it is an incredibly dense material and is hard to damage, making it ideal for spots prone to scratching or spilling. 

Pros and Cons of Soapstone Countertops:

As with any material, there are pros and cons when it comes to soapstone countertops installations


  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Non-porous and non-reactive to acids and other natural compounds 
  • Unique color and veining patterns 
  • Maintains even temperature and does not require special care 


  • Softens over time, eventually causing gentle ripples on the surface 
  • Needs to be waxed or oiled every few months 
  • Susceptible to water spots if not regularly cleaned 
  • Needs to be sealed to fill cracks 
Soapstone Countertops in New York
Soapstone Countertops in New York

Install and Maintain Soapstone Countertops in New York:

Installing a Soapstone countertop isn’t that different from installing a countertop made of another material. A professional installer is needed if the job is too complex for DIY. A professional will take measurements of the space, along with a template, cut the pieces and glue them together with a special adhesive. 

Maintenance is essential when it comes to soapstone countertops. To keep them in the best condition, you should be sure to seal them at least once a year to fill any cracks. Waxing or oiling the countertop at least every few months will also help keep your countertop looking brand new. Additionally, it’s important to wipe your countertop down after every use and to avoid using products like steel or plastic scouring pads. 

Distinctive Surfaces – The Best Solution for Your Kitchen: 

For those looking to install soapstone countertops in New York, Distinctive Surfaces is the ideal choice. This company offers a unique selection of exceptional countertops as well as other stone designs. They feature numerous exquisite color palettes, from bright blue and deep green to traditional, subtle grays. Any order is sure to be of a high quality and will last for many years. 

Distinctive Surfaces also provides personalized customer service, which makes the transition to a new countertop that much easier. Ultimately, they offer a top-notch product and can help you customize the perfect countertop for your kitchen needs. 

Soapstone in New York is an excellent option to upgrade your home with a classic, unique look. If you’re ready to get started, Distinctive Surfaces is the perfect solution. Visit to find the perfect countertops for your kitchen today!